The Long Riders' Guild

Boycott the Suppliers and Supporters

The Long Riders’ Guild knows that a world without surprise or spontaneity abolishes the vitality of life and deadens the human soul. There are two attractive reasons why a company might be enticed into supporting one of the competitors in Tom Morgan’s non-sanctioned Mongolian endurance ride. It is good to encourage the young to explore the world. It is equally commendable to support a charitable cause.

However, as the Long Riders’ Guild investigation has revealed, the young are being led into an equestrian nightmare and charity is being used as the front for a profitable private venture. Now that the alarming facts about this dangerous and controversial race are known, The Guild is calling upon these companies and individuals to examine their conscience, carefully consider their own self-interest and then publicly withdraw their support.

The celebrated English endurance rider, Mattie Pattinson has been providing training to English competitor Katie Willings.

We would ask Mattie to withdraw her support from an event that mocks every rule of endurance racing. Mattie can be reached at her company, On The Hoof,

Sabine Ullmann, owner of the Barefoot Saddles company in South Africa, has announced that her company will provide saddles to all of the competitors. “Barefoot Saddle System is proud to announce that they have been selected as the preferred supplier of saddles for the inaugural Mongol Derby.”

Ullmann is eager to market her product to endurance riders world wide. The Long Riders’ Guild is asking her to withdraw her saddles and support or face an international boycott of her product. Sabine can be reached at

Australian competitor Matilda Branson has received equestrian merchandise and support from Horseland Bendigo. On their website the company espouses this equestrian philosophy.  ”Our philosophy WE LIVE HORSES TOO is a reflection of our dedication to the animal and the needs for horse and rider.” 

This equestrian company needs to walk the walk, not just talk the talk, and publicly withdraw their support from this race with no rules.

The Hertford-based Hurford Salvi Carr Property Management company has announced that their company is “proudly sponsoring Charles Van Wyk in the Mongol Derby, the longest horse race in the world!”  

HSCPM’s website states that their “success is no accident.” We hope that Jim Thornton, Managing Director, will explain that supporting this race was an accident which the company now regrets.

Mr. Thornton can be reached at

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