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Equestrian Exploration and Endurance Leaders condemn world’s largest unethical horse race

An unprecedented alliance of equestrian, endurance and exploration editors, reporters and riders in New Zealand, North America, England, Europe and Mongolia have spent eight months investigating what is believed to be the most potentially damaging equestrian event ever attempted, a one thousand kilometre race using 800 horses.

The Long Riders' Guild would like to make it clear that it has no hidden agenda, and will not profit in any way from trying to have this race stopped.  On the contrary, Long Riders, explorers and horse-lovers from around the world have spent their valuable time protesting on behalf of the little Mongolian horses, without thought of reward.  Every one of these individual acts of equestrian patriotism reinforces The Guild's abiding belief that the mother-tongue of many humans is "horse."

This collective belief was aptly expressed by the renowned British Long Rider, Stephen McCutcheon, who is making a solo ride from Delhi to Beijing.  "Naming something as a charity event does not justify the actions of the organisers.  The exploitation of innocent Mongolian ponies is a heinous crime, and one I hope is prevented from occurring," the Long Rider said.

The following detailed report, as well as the many open letters to various corporate, charity, equestrian and political leaders, represents the collective anger and outrage being felt by the horse world at large.

As the famous Historical Long Rider, Roy Chapman Andrews, once said, pay-to-ride contestants such as the ones who have been enticed to participate in this unethical, and highly dangerous, event, will never discover the truth of the Mongolian steppes.

“The Secrets of the Steppes will never be yielded up to such as these, who will speed their way across the miles of silent prairie, hearing nothing, feeling nothing, knowing nothing of that great unknown.”

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