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Turkey and the Middle East

Jeremy James (above) is a Founding Member of the Guild who added to the body of equestrian travel literature by writing Saddletramp, Vagabond, The Byerley Turk and The Alchemical Horseman. He made journeys across Turkey and Europe.

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The Polish Quest for Arabian Horses
One of the most extraordinary equestrian journeys was undertaken by Count Rzewuski of Poland, who rode to Arabia in search of the fabled horses of the Hijaz in 1817.


The Emotional Cost of The Journey
After surviving a host of physical dangers and emotional challenges many a Long Rider has had to face a final dilemma. What to do with the cherished horse that has carried you so far and changed the fabric of your life? The options are never pleasant when the journey ends far, far away from the Long Rider’s home.  At the conclusion of his ride through Turkey, Welsh Long Rider Jeremy James was faced with such a difficult decision. In his moving story, “The Old Man, the Lake and the Stallion,” the Long Rider known as the “poet of the saddle” shares memories of a painful past.


Long Riding in Turkey
Turkish journalist and horseman Uğurhan Acar is leading a movement to encourage equestrian travel in his country. He has been interviewed by
AÇIK RADYO and formed a Facebook page to promote equestrian travel in his country. The Turkish advocate has now penned “Uzun Yol Biniciliği – (Long Riding in Turkey)” in the hope that he will inspire the first person in his country to become a modern Long Rider.

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