The Long Riders' Guild

Cathleen Leonard


The Long Riders Guild is an exceedingly valuable resource, not just for the fact that it has gathered into one place the stories of Long Riders from all around the world, but also because it has created a network of like-minded people who can support each other both directly and indirectly in their equestrian travels, share experiences and offer advice on all things equestrian travel related.


I discovered the Long Riders Guild many years ago when I was a young teenager, dreaming not only of owning a horse one day, but of taking off to explore the world on it. For years I read with avid interest about Long Riders and their incredible achievements. I was continually inspired by them and encouraged by their adventures to believe that my dreams of horseback travel could become a reality.


This year (2017) when I finally plucked up the courage to do my first Long Ride from the top of Scotland to my home in Cornwall, I was overwhelmed by the support I received from CuChullaine O’Reilly and other Members of the Guild. They offered advice about issues throughout my journey and put me in touch with people along the way who could also help me out.


I could never have completed the journey had it not been for the hundreds of Long Riders whose stories I have so avidly read over the years. They have inspired me and shown me that my dreams are possible!


I'd really like to say thank you to CuChullaine and Basha O’Reilly for creating the Long Riders Guild. It is an endless source of inspiration and I'm sure the Guild will continue to encourage people all over the world to jump onto their horses and head for the horizon to discover what lies beyond.


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