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Pandemonium as usual in a Central Asian caravanserai, as photographed by famed Swedish Long Rider, Sven Hedin, in the late 19th Century.

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I had a simple alcohol cooker, which was more than enough, made by Trangia

Saskia Machaczek

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Our cooker is a new, very small primus from Primus, Sweden.  We chose this because it weighs less than my old well proven Optimus III, and it also works with both kerosene and unleaded fuel.  The problem is that it hardly ever works for more than a couple of days, without extensive cleaning.  It also have one small o-ring (seal) that breaks all the time.  Several times we have been close to disaster because of leaking fuel.  We are not happy with it at all!  Howard Saether and Janja Kovačič
I used the same stove for both trips.  It requires a AA battery to spin a little fan in the base.  Just a palm full of twigs is all it takes to start a fire and cook dinner - no need to carry fuel.  Even in the middle of the desert I always found plenty of little sticks.  The place for the fire is enclosed, and I have used it in front of rangers where open fires are not allowed and never had a problem.  I light a bit of map I don't need anymore for kindling, and, with the paper as a starter, even wet wood will burn in this thing.  The stove came with an aluminum pot, and I used it as my cook pot and also to provide water for my horse Cacho.  I didn't carry a collapsible bucket, he just drank from my pot.  The problem with aluminum is it tastes like sour metal; oh man I got tired of that taste!  On the second trip, I upgraded to a titanium pot that weighed maybe .000001 ounce (only a slight exaggeration) and food tasted much better out of it.  My other horse Shawnee, like Cacho, accepted water from it when she couldn't reach the water source. 

Lisa Wood

We have recently tried out the Wicker Warm-up Towel by Discovery Trekking Outfitters Ltd.  It is small and very light, yet dries your body or hair astonishingly well and quickly.

Basha O'Reilly

To be able to sleep good is very important, so we decided to buy 2 of the new "self-inflatable" thin mattresses.  We bought the brand McKinley.  They were the most expensive, and supposedly the best. They are very comfortable, but they started to delaminate almost immediately.  We still use them, because we haven't been able to find any replacement for them.  We can recommend the "self-inflatable" mattresses, because they are light and take little place, but choose another brand.  Howard Saether and Janja Kovačič
Since it was first invented I have used the Coleman "Cobra" stove, with satisfactory results.

Jean-Claude Denys

"Our lantern went the way of all lanterns very soon after we started, so that, if we could not get our evening meal by daylight, we had to eat it by the dim, religious, evil-smelling, and smoky light afforded by a rag dipped in pig's fat and hung over the edge of a saucer."

Subaltern George Younghusband - author of "1800 Miles on a Burmese Pony." 1888

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