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Long Rider Mike Winter, Count Pompeii, Basha O'Reilly and Buck Wheeler

Long Rider Basha O'Reilly will explain how The Stableizer worked on Count Pompeii, her Russian Cossack stallion.

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The Long Riders' Guild contacted Buck Wheeler to ask about the Stableizer because we were interested in talking to him about the use of his invention on the many different types of travelling horse all over the world.  In order to demonstrate the Stableizer on Count Pompeii, Buck drove from Minnesota to Kentucky - more than a thousand miles.

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Count Pompeii is very brave - except with anything that makes a noise.  I am not allowed, for example, to read a map while in the saddle because the rustling of the paper freaks him out.  Wearing a Gore-Tex coat when the wind is blowing has unexpected, occasionally frightening, consequences. Walking on plastic, or tin, was simply not on the agenda as far as Pompeii was concerned.  

Until Buck put the Stableizer on him.

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With the Stableizer on his head, Count Pompeii stops worrying about silly noises and does exactly what I ask him to do.  "A plastic floor?  No problem.  Tin under foot?  That's fine by me," he says happily.

Stable6.JPG (32981 bytes)

Before Buck came to Kentucky he told me, "I have a Queen-sized mattress cover which I am going to wrap around your stallion."  "Fine," I told him, "I shall be in Florida."  The picture on the left is one I never, ever thought I would see. It is the ultimate demonstration of how the Stableizer has changed the way Pompeii reacts.  Or, in this case, doesn't react. 
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