The Long Riders' Guild

Missing in Action

In its on-going search for equestrian travel history, the Guild has documented journeys done by hundreds of Long Riders. For example, thanks to the renowned equestrian explorer, Anna Louise Strong, the Guild learned how these two Kirghiz children accompanied a scientific expedition that rode across the Pamir Mountains in 1928.

However, the search for “Missing in Action” Long Riders continues.

The World’s Most Wanted Long Rider - While the Long Riders' Guild has been successful in finding the majority of living equestrian travellers, there is one in particular for whom we have long sought. He is a Chinese equestrian traveller named Li Jing, who made a remarkable 9,000 kilometre (5,592 miles) ride from Votkinsk, Russia to Beijing, China in 2009. Li Jing currently heads the list of "Missing in Action” Long Riders. There was a great deal of interest in the Chinese press when Li Jing arrived in Beijing. If you have any knowledge on how Li Jing can be located, please contact the Guild.  FOUND!

In 1993 five young university students made the first recorded equestrian journey around Lake Baikal, the world's largest freshwater lake. Members of the Tamerlane Expedition, left to right: Nikolai Worp, Kerim Yalman, John Boit, Bartle Bull and Taran Davies.


Peng Wenchao – Rode through China in 2007. FOUND!


Yasuhisa Shimazaki – Rode from Hokkaido to Kyushu, Japan in 1968.

Takeshi Shoji – Rode from Tokyo to Osaka, Japan in 1985.  - FOUND!

Ichie Watanabe – Rode across the Chang Tang Plains in the North-West of Tibet in 1995.

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Haruki Tabata – Rode across Spain in 1973.

Hector Dahur – Rode from Argentina to Texas in 1993. - FOUND!

Pascale Franconi - Rode from France to Arabia, and back,  in 1982. FOUND
Hugo Gasseolis - Rode from Argentina to New York in 1993. FOUND
David O'Connor (left) - Rode from Maryland to Oregon in 1973 with his mother and brother.  FOUND
Michel Daumas - Rode through France in 2005.
Sarah Dorman - Rode from France  to Jerusalem in 1988.
Anne Lecointre and Marie-Christine Thébaud - Rode 2,500 miles from Cairo, Egypt, to Khartoum, Sudan, following the Nile.
Keith Roberts - Rode across New Zealand.
Sophia Cunningham, Lucy Kelaart and Victoria Westmacott - Rode along the Silk Road from Turkmenistan to China in the late 1990s.
Christian Lile - Made several trips across Europe in the 1970s.
The Murray family - Barry, Bernice, Bernadette, Colette and Barry Jr. - Rode from Mexico to Canada in 1970. FOUND!
Lucy Rees - Rode across the American Southwest in 1995. FOUND!
Major Ted Hughes - Was planning to ride across England in 1995 at the age of 80.  No record of his completed trip exists.
Gary Davies - Rode through 22 counties of England and Wales in 1973.  FOUND!
Ivan Denton - Rode from Arkansas to California on forgotten cattle trails in 1989.  FOUND!
Rosalind ("Gigi") Kay and Mark Eisler - Rode from Chihuahua to Vera Cruz, Mexico in 1986.  FOUND!
Allan Maybee and Cher Hummel - Led two mounted expeditions across the United States on the Oregon Trail and the Santa Fe Trail in the late 1970s. FOUND!
Polly Johnson - Rode from Alaska to Washington State during the winter of 1967. FOUND!
In 1953 Rupert Hitzig, who was 14 at the time, rode from Austin, Texas to Bearsville, New York. He was joined on the journey by Nini Galpin, Cayla Hitzig and Bruce Whitley.