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The Guild is not elitist. Long Riders realize that each individual experience has a value all of its own, that other Long Riders are Comrades not Competitors and that at the end of the day what matters is personal validation. Under certain circumstances geographic or governmental problems may make it impossible for a person to complete a one thousand mile ride. Associate Members are those people who have ridden at least 500 miles and have expressed an interest in completing a longer life-changing equestrian journey.

Kate Allen -  rode across Poland
angele2.jpg (215914 bytes) Béatrice Angèle - made several trips in France and Spain.
Armand.JPG (20872 bytes) Annick Armand - rode across Turkey from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean
Nirwan Ahmad Arsuka rode in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.
Baudraz.jpg (4455 bytes) Georges Baudraz - rode from France to Spain.
fredbell.jpg (15050 bytes) Fred Bell - rode from Oklahoma to New York.
Boehm.jpg (80946 bytes) Guenter Boehm - made several journeys in Mexico through the states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Hidalgo, Veracruz, and Puebla.
Julie, Georgie and Bronte Broome - rode the Tasmanian Trail together.
Nigel Brown rode across western Mongolia.
Colonel Charles Callahan Sr. - The retired Air Force officer set off for Argentina in November 1970 accompanied by his four sons. Clan Callaghan used Criollo horses to explore Tierra del Fuego and hunt for traces of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  This photograph depicts Colonel Callahan (bottom left), Jim (then aged 19), Brian (17), Duane (14) and Charles Jr. (8) immediately before their departure from the U.S.  Sadly, Brian has since died, but his name can be found in the Historical Long Riders section.
Charles Callahan Jr.  - Rode from Esquel, Patagonia, across Argentina to Rincon de Cholila
Duane Callahan - Rode from Esquel, Patagonia, across Argentina to Rincon de Cholila
James Callahan - Rode from Esquel, Patagonia, across Argentina to Rincon de Cholila
Murray Campbell rode from Lago Blanco, Chubut Province, Argentina to El Calafate, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina.
Simone "Abdullah" Carmignani - explored the Pamir and Karakorum Mountains of Northern Pakistan.
Jonathan Lazslo Danos - rode from Coyhaique in southern Chile to Puyaguapa via Palena and Puerto Mont.
Alam Jan Dario - rode from Hunza into the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and back to Gilgit across Chumarkan Pass in Pakistan
Everitt2.jpg (14411 bytes)

Ray Everitt - travelled from the south of France to Berne, Switzerland.

Douglas Gnida rode through Canada and the western United States.

sylvianegold.jpg (4891 bytes)

Sylviane Gold - rode from France to Spain.


Laurent Granier rode across Alaska.
Alexander Greaves - rode across the Andes Mountains.
John Greaves - rode across the Andes Mountains
Nikita Gretsi - rode across Siberia’s deadly Road of Bones
Oliver Harland rode across southern France.
Robyn Hepburn rode across western Mongolia
Magnus Kallin - rode through Guatemala and Mexico.
No photo available Dennis Kienzler - rode from Germany to Hungary
Jo Kimmins rode from Santander to San Nicolas del Puerto, Sevilla, Spain.
image002.jpg (23565 bytes) Dietmar Koestler - has ridden extensively in Germany.
Jeans.JPG (78484 bytes) Diana Jeans and Margaret King - rode from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, to Asuncion, Paraquay.
Philippe Lansac rode across Alaska.
Lelay.JPG (27212 bytes) Léon Lelay - has ridden in France and Spain, including crossing the Pyrenees mountains on "The route of Smugglers".
Capucine Lelièvre - rode across Patagonia and southern Argentina
Paddy Lennon rode from Santander to San Nicolas del Puerto, Sevilla, Spain.
Marylebo1.jpg (17905 bytes)

Mary Liebau - rode across Newfoundland and Ireland.

Katrina Littlechild – rode across Scotland and England.
Photo not available
 Elaine Lockwood
- rode along the Continental Divide Trail in 1978.
Alan Lucas - made several journeys across the United Kingdom.
Jamie Maddison rode across the deserts of eastern Kazakhstan.
Greta and Alejandro Matos rode the length of Chile.
Mauricio Montenero - rode across Afghanistan.
Tim Mullan - rode from Arburd Sands in Tov Aimag to Khatgal in Khovsgol Aimag, Mongolia.
Kathrin Nienhaus - rode across Mongolia.
Jim Payne - rode across Scotland.
Christina Puszkar made an extensive equestrian journey along the Greater Patagonian Trail.
rasmussen.jpg (17238 bytes) Hans Rasmussen - made two rides in South America.
saupiquet.jpg (105802 bytes) Isabelle Saupiquet - has ridden extensively in Europe, particularly France.
savage.jpg (55658 bytes)
sre.jpg (77106 bytes)
Sharon Savage and Sergio Robleto Elizondo rode their horses across Costa Rica
Bianca Schmidt rode from the heart of Switzerland to Brandenburg, Germany.

Karen Selle rode through Canada and the western United States.

Charlotte Simsar rode across Patagonia and southern Argentina.
Mark Skinner - rode across western Ireland.
Jane Smith - rode from Connecticut to Canada.
Megan Son - rode across Alaska
Nicole Sousek made two journeys across Mongolia.
Sam Southey rode from Arburd Sands in Tov Aimag to Khatgal in Khovsgol Aimag, Mongolia.
Chantal Spleiss - has made journeys in Europe and North America..
Gill Suttle rode through Syria.
mag2.JPG (79470 bytes) Justin Tait – rode in Turkmenistan and Iran.
Matt Traver rode across the deserts of eastern Kazakhstan.
Hideyo Tsutsumi - made a round trip journey in Japan. Starting in Sapporo, he rode to Asahikawa, Abashiri, Shiretoko, Nemuro, Obihiro, Hiroo, and Tomakomai.

Julie Veloo - rode across the Mongolian steppe and the Gobi Desert.
Ingrid Verdaasdonk (left) and Eva Hietkamp, a mother and daughter team of Long Riders, started in Valencia and then rode across Spain and onto Saint Jean Pie de Port, France.
Vickers.JPG (60625 bytes) Simon Vickers - rode through Southern Brazil.
Becky-Mossy.JPG (217675 bytes) Mossy Walmsley and Becky Whitton - rode from Salvaterra de Magos, Portugal to Lavenham, England
Rene Weber - rode across Afghanistan.
winter.jpg (12831 bytes) Mike Winter - rode across the southern portion of the United States.
Debbie York - rode from Helena, Montana to Grayland, Washington
(No photo available).    Donata zu Ysenburg - rode through Rajastan, India, and also made a journey through Siberia and Lake Baikal.   
(No photo available). Ronja Zahradnikova' - rode from Hungary to Germany.
Gary Ziegler - rode through the Sierra Madre region of Mexico,  including a dangerous crossing of the Urique River.


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