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In response to a request from the Guild, Simone Johanna Aleida wrote the first in a series of "How to Ride in..." articles which provide accurate advice about making an equestrian journey in a specific country.

Garry Ashton-Coulton - is the Art Editor of the prestigious London-based "Horse & Hound" magazine and has been instrumental in sharing stories of the Long Riders with his readers in Great Britain

Colonel John Blashford-Snell, MBE - supplied critical information regarding the Darien Gap jungle to The Long Riders' Guild.

Emma Brazier has been named as a Friend of the Guild in recognition of the tremendous effort she displayed for four years, during which time she provided the tactical support which helped Long Rider Filipe Leite complete his historic journey from Canada to Brazil

Dan Buck - best-selling co-author with his wife, Anne Meadows, of   "Digging up Butch and Sundance," has generously shared the results of some of his research with the LRG

T. J. Casey - the renowned Cowboy Poet who wrote a poem about Historical Long Rider "Two-Gun" Nan Aspinwall, the first woman to ride across America.

Gordon Cowan - has been of great help to the Tschiffely Literary Estate and The Long Riders' Guild.

Kelly Destrake - the owner of Custom Pack Rigging, a Canadian company which manufactures the revolutionary adjustable pack saddle

John Farmer - insurance consultant and long-standing friend and supporter of Long Riders.

Gayle Gerber and Ashlee - have helped many Long Riders in North America.

David Renwick Grant - accomplished the first complete circumnavigation of the globe in a horse-drawn wagon with his wife and three children.

Explorer John Hare is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Explorers’ Club who was awarded the Lawrence of Arabia 
Gold Memorial Medal for exploration under extreme hazard and is the author of “Shadows Across the Sahara.”

Peter Harrigan - contributing editor and columnist for Diwaniya and Saudi Aramco World, and supporter of The Long Riders' Guild

Roger Kenner - provided technical assistance that ensured the safety and longevity of the Guild websites.

Jeff Lindsay – helped locate “Missing in Action” Russian Long Rider Jing Li

Egor Petrovich Makarov (Егор Петрович Макаров) is a Siberian author, photographer and documentary film maker who has shared his extensive knowledge of Sakha (Yakut) horses with many Long Riders.

Dr. Makoto and Satoe Matsui - located vital information about Historical Long Rider Baron Fukushima and assisted Kohei Yamakawa in making the first modern equestrian journey across Japan.

Wayne P. McCrory RPBio - a professional bear biologist who has also studied wild horses in Canada

Peter Natt - is an expert on riding in London and has guided many Long Riders to the Royal Mews and Buckingham Palace.  On one occasion he escorted an English Long Rider to a meeting with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Mareile and Matthieu Paley - travelled with a donkey through Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor.  Matthieu's fabulous photographs of this practically-unexplored part of the world were inspired by Roland Michaud

Kath Pennavaria - Research Librarian at Western Kentucky University who has been of inestimable help to The Long Riders' Guild in its research into rare and ancient equestrian handbooks.

Bjarke Rink - passionate horseman, historian, philosopher and author of The Centaur Legacy, the most revolutionary equestrian book of the early 21st century.

Brian Rooney, a champion of ethical, equestrian and environmental causes, is the Director of R7 Media, who designed the covers of The Encyclopaedia of Equestrian Exploration and The Horse Travel Handbook.

Dr. Paula Sells, wrote a book documenting 27 equestrian activities, including for the first time equestrian travel.

Paula da Silva - is one of the premier equestrian photographers working in Europe today and supports The Long Riders' Guild.

Tom Sites - took part in the historic Great American Horse Race of 1976, and is The Guild's official liaison to the endurance riding world.

Tom and Tina Sjogren - are the adventurous rebels who climbed Mt. Everest, explored the oceans in a sailboat, travelled to both poles and founded Explorer’s Web, the planet’s premier source for exploration news.  They have published numerous articles about Long Riders.

Stepan Sleptsov is of Eveny descent, a community of reindeer herders in Yakutia. An expert in survival in the Siberian taiga, he risked his life to help Nikita Gretsi cross the deadly Road of Bones in minus 40 degree weather.

Judith Thomsen of the Royal Geographical Society - was instrumental in inviting Full Members of The Guild to apply for Fellowship of the RGS.

Former US Marine, Dick La Tondre is the author of The Golden Kite, the English-language biography of the great Historical Long Rider Baron Yasumasa Fukushima who rode from Berlin, Germany to Tokyo, Japan in 1892. Additionally, in 2014 Dick was a financial supporter of Kohei Yamakawa’s attempt to make the first modern equestrian journey across Japan

Judith Turner - has spent countless hours tracking down Missing in Action Long Riders and is a great supporter of The Guild. 

Sir Humphry Wakefield During the course of his adventurous life, Sir Humphry Wakefield was a Captain in Her Majesty’s Tenth Hussars, who rode in Argentina, Turkey and India. In recognition of the fact that at 81 years young Sir Humphry Wakefield is the oldest person to have departed on a modern equestrian journey, he has been named as a Friend of the Guild.

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