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Towards the end of 2005 we got some feed-back from Long Rider Steven O'Connor, who had decided to try boots on his horse, Murphy.  This is what he reported:

"I tried Marquis Super Grip first. On the second day we were walking along a grassy verge and I noticed one of the boots was missing.  Luckily it had only just come off, and I went back and found it.  It is a feature of the design that they come undone easily in long grass or scrub.  Five days out, when Murphy's feet got wet, the boots rubbed his heels and he became sore.  The following day I found a place I could rest him up for a few days to recover.  I was very annoyed with how this boot rubbed Murphy's heels, and also how easily they came off."

"When we set off again I used BOA boots - they did not rub his heels, but after a few days Murphy was struggling a bit, being stiff in the shoulders.  These boots were more resilient, but I have doubts about their constant use because of the effect they have on the horse's shoulders.  They are also a bit ungainly - my feeling is they are not the answer to shoes on Long Rides!" 

Please visit Steven's page on our website.

Superfast-2.JPG (20866 bytes)

Superfast - This is a revolutionary "shoe" which you make yourself by squeezing it out of a tube onto your horse's feet.  This system has several great advantages, including the fact that because you make it yourself it will fit any horse, from a little Mongolian horse to a giant Shire!  Click here for more information.

Swiss-boot.jpg (6270 bytes)

The Swiss Horse Boot - We have tried this boot with very good results - it is surprisingly easy to put on and take off.  Click here for more information on how we tested it on Count Pompeii.

Dallmer-clog.jpg (3648 bytes)

The Dallmer Clog - Made in Germany, the Dallmer Clog comes in four sizes to fit most horses. It has been tested by two Swiss women, Ursula Luethi and Marion Landert, who used them to ride from Zurich, Switzerland to Finland. The company has not replied to our email or requests for more information. However we are including their website address.

marquis.gif (5970 bytes)

The Marquis Boot - This boot is German made and has not, to our knowledge, been used on a lengthy horse trip. However it appears to have many excellent factors in its favour. The side-mounted snap allows the front of the boot to swing open, thereby making it very easy to put on or off. It has a small air bag at the top of the boot which inflates to ensure a perfect fit to each hoof. All the individual components are replaceable, including the soles, thus keeping down any replacement costs. You can mount studs on the soles if travelling across ice. And finally, because the boot is florescent it glows at night, making it easier to see your horse if you are caught travelling after dark. We believe this boot has great potential and would like to see it tested by a Long Rider on an extended journey.

shoof.jpg (14973 bytes)

The Shoof - This is a classic "emergency" shoe which can be easily carried in either a saddlebag or pack saddle box. Extremely light weight, it can be fitted to almost any size hoof, and goes on without any difficulty.

Available from (catalogue number DK02)

Hoofcare & Lameness is a quarterly journal presenting new information to help veterinarians and farriers treat and prevent common causes of lameness. This web site is an extension of Hoofcare Publishing's program of promoting worldwide education about the study of horses' feet and legs.

The editor of this journal, Fran Jurga, has more than twenty years' experience as both a vet and a publisher in this subject of vital interest to Long Riders.  Fran has assured The Long Riders' Guild that she is interested in working with equestrian travelers in terms of hoof care and proper shoeing.

Farrier Products Distribution has put together the finest grouping of products in the farrier market.  Though this is a wholesale-only distributor, the website provides ample information regarding some of the world's best companies dealing with horse hoof issues.  They can help you locate top-quality tools, horse shoes, nails etc.
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