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Danny Candella Jr. -  rode from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada.

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Eleanor Carton-Black - though deaf since birth, rode across the United States with the aid of a special "hearing dog."  

Tex Cashner - rode from Ohio to Texas.

Jose Henrique Castejon- has ridden the four roads of the Estrada Real, which cross three states: Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Jose also rode from Avaré to Uruguay.

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Jean-Claude Cazade - rode from France to Arabia and back.

Valerio Ceconi - rode from El Calafate to San Martin de Los Andes, Argentina.

Melissa Chapman - rode from New York to California.

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Karen Chaton - rode the Pony Express Trail across North America.

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Edouard Chautard – rode across New Caledonia and then rode the length of Australia’s Bicentennial National Trail.

 Baptiste Chauvin -- rode from Barcelona, Spain to Quimper, France. .

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Sanford Cheatham - rode from Kentucky to California with Dale Simpson. 
Andrew Chechak - rode from California to Maine.  Author of "No Hall of Fame, Cheechako."

Paul Chin and Babette Gallard  - rode from France to Santiago di Compostela, Spain.

Jessica Chitty - travelled with her parents from Spain to Greece in 1976. Mounted on a donkey named Hamilcar, Jessica was only three years old at the start, making her the youngest Long Rider on record. Virginie Claeyssens made a Long Ride in Patagonia.
Clay Clark rode from Arkansas to California.
Keith Clark - completed a journey through Latin America. 
Vincent Cochin rode through the Andes Mountains in Chile.
Quita Collard rode across Peru.
rando3.jpg (141826 bytes) Anne Marie Colombaro -  has made many Long Rides in Europe, including one from Berlin to Paris.
Conger.JPG (13139 bytes) Gary Conger -  rode from Oklahoma to New York. 
(Photo not yet available) James Connolly - made a long trip around Spain.
Vlad Coman – pioneered a route across the length of Ireland.

Karen Considine rode across Spain, on a route pioneered in 1961 by Historical Long Rider Penelope Chetwode.

Cooke.JPG (50460 bytes) Johanna Cooke - rode from Canada to Mexico along the Continental Divide.
Katie Cooper rode across the American Southwest.
Tim Cope - rode from Mongolia to Hungary in the hoof prints of Genghis Khan.
ec2.jpg (46250 bytes) Evelyne Coquet - made several rides, including a journey from Paris to Jerusalem.  Author of "De Paris à Jerusalem", "L'Equipée Amazonienne", "Un Berceau sur un Cheval", and "Le Grand Trek".
Arianna Corradi rode from Susa in Italy to Canterbury in England - and back.
Alfons Cotti rode from Sur in Switzerland to the Verdon Canyon in Italy and back to Switzerland.
Claudio Crespo - rode from Brazil to Patagonia.  He also made an extensive journey in his native Brazil.

Alys Culhane and Pete Praetorius - completed a journey in the USA

Jim Cummins - rode along the USA's Atlantic seaboard.
Jakki Cunningham - rode from the Camargue in the south of France to Norfolk in England.
Susan Cushing - rode alone from Wisconsin to the Pacific ocean.
Lynne Curtis - rode alone from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to San Francisco, California.
Donna and Nic Cuthbert rode from Sagsay soum, Bayan-Ulgii aymag, Western Mongolia to Baganuur, Tov aymag, Eastern Mongolia.
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